Unveil Michelangelo: Special Accademia Gallery tour

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Was the David a real model? How was it like being gay in the 500s? Be ready to listen to what no one has told you yet. Hear the hidden story of the homosexual capital by joining this 90-minute guided tour around the city center and Accademia Gallery.



Did you know that Michelangelo was a homosexual? Don't be surprised if you didn't. Unfortunately and for so many centuries, power wanted to eliminate this information from the biography of one of the most important geniuses in history. As a result, this has prevented individuals to read and correctly understand his work and legacy by stripping him of such an important element of his identity.

Your official local guide will tell you about the stories of the Medici family and gay life during the Renaissance. Already in these times, Florence was an active center of gay relationships. Be ready to get back in time and discover at what point the Church and other institutions decided to burn alive at the stake the ones who practised "sodomy".

You will discover if the David was a model of the time, if at that time they already knew about his homosexual condition and about his true relationship with the popes in Rome of the 1500s, full of dark intrigues and corruptions. Have shared with you what centuries of censorship have hidden and despised.

In addition, you will also take a look at the Accademia Gallery and its most outstanding artists such as Botticelli, Giotto or an original Stradivarius made for a well-known homosexual great prince of the Medici family with lots of history and legends behind it. To ensure that your experience is of the highest quality and intimate, the group will never exceed 15 participants and you will have priority entry to the museum

Da EUR 55


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Guided walking tour through the center of the city

Accademia Gallery fast entrance tickets
Headphones for groups larger than 7 people

Professional and certified Tour Guide;

Small groups (max 15 participants).



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