The Monumental Cemetery of Milan: Discover the Unexpected

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The Monumental Cemetery of Milan is one of the most unknown places of the city and more than just a simple cemetery: it is an extraordinary open-air museum.

Join this guided tour to explore this unexpected place.


The Monumental Cemetery of Milan, named also "Monumentale", is one of the most unknown places of the city. Tourists visit the main places, but they do not know that there is an unexpected location where art and peace coexist.

Just observing the Cemetery from the outside, you can admire this colossal place, but once inside, peace, silence and tranquility reign together. Those who imagine this location as a sad place are mistaken, because it presents itself as a pleasant place to visit, filled with inscriptions that invite you to remember those who have gone before, rich with information and accompanied by interesting artistic detail, including a combination of different styles.

During this 1.5 hour guided tour our professional tour guide will show and explain to you in depth the most significant monuments conserved here. Among them are the Temple of Fame, the most outstanding building in the Cemetery, where Alessandro Manzoni is buried, or the tomb that celebrates the Campari family, famous for the noted aperitif brand, which is similar to the Last Supper of Leonardo Da Vinci and many others monuments.

From EUR 30

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  • Discover this extraordinary open-air museum
  • Learn the history behind this place
  • Find out the most characteristic graves
  • Enjoy a small group guided tour with a professional tour guide


  1. Piazzale Cimitero Monumentale