Glories of Renaissance: Michelangelo & Donatello

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Everyone has heard of Michelangelo’s David (at the Accademia), but how many tourists and agencies remember that the Bargello Museum houses some of the most important masterpieces by the geniuses of the Florentine Renaissance: Donatello and Michelangelo?


From EUR 40

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With our two-hour guided tour accompanied by our monolingual English-speaking guide you will enter the exciting world of the Bargello, an impressive medieval structure that was once a prison a place of torture and even death sentences.

Not only is the Palace itself worth an in-depth visit, wait until you discover the gems hidden inside: a room dedicated to the famous sculptor Donatello, with beautiful original versions of his David which the layout of the museum allows us to get up close to and admire in great detail.

Another of the museum’s most important rooms is dedicated to Michelangelo, where you can see some of his greatest works: Bacco-Bacchus (representing intoxication), the Pitti Tondo, (in which some experts see signs of the help of Leonardo Da Vinci), and the David-Apollo. 

You will also have a chance to admire the original sculptures from Piazza della Signoria as only copies are to be found in the square nowadays. The originals were brought to the Bargello to protect them from the weather.


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  • Official specialized guide in English included
  • Headphones for large groups (more than 7 people)


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